Baraja Pre-Install Questionnaire

Baraja Pre-Install Questionnaire

Customer Company Name

How many Sensor heads are we installing this time?

Where is the Lidar being installed?

What mounting system/platform do you use to mount your sensors? Note: We want to make sure our standard bracketing solution will suit with your platform.

Do you require our Lidar CAD models if you want to design of your own customised mounting system?

Is this installation a permanent fixture?

Is there a routing path at the install location/vehicle where an object 200mm x 200mm x 200mm can permanently pass through the roof? Note: If so, our system can be pre-spliced and calibrated to reduce the installation time.

What cable length do you require for your installation? Please allow an extra 300mm for splicing length. Note: This allows us to determine manufacturing details for fibres.

What type of power can you provide for the Lidar in your installation location? Note: Baraja Lidar requires a 24V, 3.75A supply.

Will be Lidar be running on an independent network?

Do you have network communication bandwidth to support GIG-E? Note: Customer will need to have 1Gbs ethernet lines and infrastructure ready for installation.

How will you be visualizing the point cloud data from the Lidar? Note: Baraja supports both in-house visualization tool “Baraja Viewer” and Rviz as part of the ROS platform.

Do you want any additional support provided for data capture? Such as an explanation of the use of our binary file conversion script

How will you be storing,and processing data produced by the Baraja Lidar?

This question is only applicable for ROS driver customers. Which release of ROS release are you using?

This question is only applicable for ROS driver customers.Which release of Ubuntu are you using?