360 - Self

Drive for Results

I set challenging goals for myself

I help others achieve their objectives

I prioritize my work based on the needs of the organisation and its customers?

I achieve my objectives even when faced with obstacles and challenges ?

What do you have to do to improve your drive for results?


I translate the company strategy into concrete actions/ plans

I take team members’ ideas and opinions into account when making decision?

I help team members resolve work-related problems

I holds team members accountable for achieving their objectives

What would you do to improve your leadership skills?


Actively listens to others

Tailors my communication to the needs of the audience

Communicates clearly and concisely

Conveys credibility and expertise when I communicate with others

What would you do to improve your communication?

Team Work

I work effectively in a team

I give constructive and helpful feedback to others

I respond positively to constructive feedback

I treat others with respect

I value and respect differences among team members

What would you want to do to collaborate more with your team?


I can control my emotions, in high pressure situations?

I demonstrate an awareness of how my actions and decision affect others

I treat mistakes and setbacks as learning opportunities

I actively seek feedback from others on my performance?

What would you do to improve your self- awareness?

Strengths and Opportunities

Have you been doing 1:1 catch up's with your team members regularly?

Have you been doing 1:1 with your manager/teamlead?

Have you reached out for help or collaborated with other?

What is your superpower at work?

What is your greatest strength and what should you continue to do to grow and develop?

What is your greatest opportunity to excel and what can you do to improve in this area?