360 - Peers/Managers/Team/Others

Drive for Results

Sets challenging goals for him/herself

Helps others achieve their objectives

Prioritizes his/her work based on the needs of the organisation and its customers?

Achieves his/her objectives even when faced with obstacles and challenges ?

What suggestions do you have to help to improve his/her drive for results?


Translates the company strategy into concrete actions/ plans

Takes team members’ ideas and opinions into account when making decision?

Helps team members resolve work-related problems

Holds team members accountable for achieving their objectives

What suggestions do you have to help him/her improve his/her leadership skills?


Actively listens to others

Tailors his/her communication to the needs of the audience

Communicates clearly and concisely

Conveys credibility and expertise when he/she communicates with others

What suggestions do you have to help him/her improve his/her communication?

Team Work

Works effectively in a team

Gives constructive and helpful feedback to others

Responds positively when he/she receives constructive feedback

Treats others with respect

Values and respects differences among team members

What suggestions do you have to help him/her improve his/her teamwork?


Can control his/her emotions, in high pressure situtations?

Demonstrates an awareness of how his/her actions and decision affect others

Treats mistakes and setbacks as learning opportunities

Actively seeks feedback from others on his/her performance?

What suggestions do you have to help his/her improve his/her self- awareness?

Strengths and Opportunities

Have they reached out for help or collaborated with you?

What is their superpower? (what would you go to this person for?)

What is his/her greatest strength and what should he/she continue to do to grow and develop?

What is his/her greatest opportunity and what can he/she do to improve in this area?