Marketing Manager

North Ryde, Australia

Baraja is changing the world of self-driving cars, through the invention of a new type of LiDAR, called Spectrum-Scan which delivers the highest performance available in the smallest possible device on the market.   We are already in production and use case, working with some of the leading automotive manufacturers globally.   Last year we closed a $42M A round with Sequoia, Blackbird and Main Sequence Venture Partners if those names don’t mean anything to you, stop reading.


We are now searching for our first Marketing Manager to grow our 130 people rapidly expanding team.  This is a greenfield opportunity and is the best marketing role in tech in Australia.  But this is not a role for the faint-hearted. You may be a corporate escapee but, more likely, you’ll have been working in early stage businesses and scale-ups, and love the speed, resourcefulness, ingenuity and resilience required to make them grow fast. You will have built and optimised B2B growth teams and growth engines before, and you’ll want the responsibility and the accountability that comes with strategic and executional leadership in your domain.



Hit the ground running


You’ll be using your IQ, EQ, positivity and growth mindset to get results. Fast. In a business our size (just north of 100 people) there’s nowhere to hide, but if you want to make an impact, be able to measure that with precision, and see yourself as a key inflection point in the business, you’re going to love it here.


We’re an early-stage business which means you get to work side by side with the founders, Federico Collarte and Cibby Pulikkaseril, and key team members. So you’ll need to have an entrepreneurial outlook, be prepared to learn fast, and to work hard.


On top of all that, you’ll be a willing and skilled collaborator able to get the best out of the people around you, and contribute consistently at your best. At Baraja we’re very good listeners, we’re highly empathetic and we’re conscientious - all of which have helped us to iterate and problem solve so quickly and thoroughly with clients.  



The role in a nutshell


There’s something magical about the number three. There have to be three people that walk into a bar - let’s say an Australian, an American, and a Canadian - or the joke just won’t be funny. There are three Stooges, three Amigos, three Blind Mice, three tenors, and three legs on a tripod so that it’s always stable on any surface. There also happen to be three big pieces to this role:


  1. Developing the Baraja brand to “automotive-grade” - Baraja needs to develop relationships with giants of the technology and automotive industries like Google, Uber, Apple, GM, Ford and Mercedes, and with Tier 1 companies like Bosch. These are huge and venerable organisations working in a high-stakes sector with a low tolerance for risk. Developing trust will be critical to these relationships.

  2. Performance: Measured monthly marketing performance so that we can see and continually improve the key marketing metrics in the business. This will involve testing “always on” channels. Baraja is dependent on third parties for exposure (events and PR) and we need to evaluate 24/7 channels eg SEO, SEM, content marketing, and social, especially since customers are spread across Asian, European and North American time zones. You will also know how to manage PR activities as both a brand and a performance medium.

  3. Synchronicity: Baraja wins by playing together brilliantly as a team. That means working effectively with the other strategic pillars of the business represented on the Leadership Team. In particular, with the Sales teams. Currently, marketing is ad-hoc and sales are managed in a free-standing system. By bringing sales and marketing systems together we will be able to better capture, qualify and nurture leads.


Specifically, you’ll need:


      Great B2B marketing leadership skills

      A proven record of B2B marketing success to enterprise customers in the US and international markets

      A growth mindset (we’ll be testing for this)

      High EQ and interpersonal skills

      Clear evidence of strategic and performance marketing nous

      To be adept at PR strategy and PR agency management

      A love of data and high-fidelity decision making

      Expertise in marketing automation and digital marketing technologies

      Excellent team-building skills across marketing and communication skill sets

      To be agile and adaptable

      To aspire to be a Samurai at OKRs and Kanban

      To be comfortable working in a high-stakes and high-performing culture

      Good judgement and the ability to make decisions quickly

      Enthusiasm for ‘rolling your sleeves up’, working hard and getting the job done




Be part of a high-performance team


We work toward our goals by being in constant communication in person and through a range of technologies. We also have big ears for feedback from customers to help us continually improve the Baraja experience. We’re pretty good at what we do (but definitely not perfect), so you’ll be learning from and working with a top-flight team on a mission to be better every day.


What matters to us


We believe that our culture is one of our most important assets and we’ve wrapped it up with three key values that we do our best to live up to every day: 


      Hustle to deliver on hard and meaningful problems - what we’re doing is really ambitious and difficult so we’ll need plenty of hustle to get it done.

      Develop sustained high performance - we’re figuring out what high performance looks like for the people on our team so we can support them and each other to perform at our best sustainably.

      Build the machine that builds the machine - it’s not enough to design amazing products, we need to design the means to manufacture these products, at scale. 



Where you'll work


This is a global role as we are doing business in the US, China, Europe, and Australia. You will be based in Sydney.


What is on offer

·       An ability to craft a function from scratch. It’s ok if this scares you.

·       A world-class product in a vertical market that is set to boom

·       A world-class team

·       A base in Sydney, Australia

·       The ability to have real, meaningful impact

·       An evolving culture that is driven by a passion to excel and make an impact


If the above excites you beyond anything you have seen before lets chat.